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I'm Cecile (suh-seal).
I'm a wife, full-time mama to FOUR little babes and an avid Seinfeld enthusiast . I often refer to myself as love struck because that's exactly how I feel, day in and day out. I take great joy in documenting people and the tender in-between moments that make up life and I want to be the one behind the camera creating lifelong memories for you + yours.

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Fact 1

I grew up in a tiny town called Penetanguishene ON and moved to Calgary at the age of 18.


Fact 2

I was the embarrassing high school friend who brought her point + shoot out to absolutely every single outing. I have zero regrets and 100 hidden Facebook albums.


Fact 3

For my 27th birthday my husband bought me my dream fibreglass 1970's trillium trailer and although we've officially outgrown her, I can't seem to let her go.


Fact 4

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and am now cancer free (I know - what a serious fact to include) but it's changed the way I look at tangible memories and I'm here to tell you to invest in them. You will never regret it.